see him

see him see him see him see him see him see him see him see him

Slipping the abdomen off a hook, self reclaims mind in proselyte cloud.

Ambulant appendages shift down from the garret to lower levels of the house.

Home warped, folded like an omelet or brain, blooming membrane that dances barriers. Forgotten the layout, or is the house growing, shifting, throbbing unsighted?

Shadowed cathedral prisms in the coiling stomach of a creature. Laced box coating dim.

Moted illuminates, scattered and floating windowed planes and cracking walls and television.

Broadcasting monumental passing, such as that man whose soul exits through his shoulder. Light cast in obsessions of pain and love and farewells and murders which Slimer finds sent to warn and mislead.

More than one can imagine scarecrowed and oracled between room corners and window sills in shade and reflections.

Flat, bare, then writhing, a damp slab and no mattress and prolonged stillness, walls for a time flattened and unseen.
one sinks into the crepuscular air.

Inside animate construction, Slimer’s stomach assumes unwieldy barging on the ringback to make one’s needs known. Stumbling a labyrinth of passages, doorways, curtains, and creeping forms, nothing to sate Slimer can be found.

So supplies have run dry, nothing would be evasive for so long in this house.

spectred vantage, the gleam stripping textures compelling void

see him