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(lazy)-the first ▄█gotsy of▄he "high-fives to themselves the
" ▄█n a ▄▄███▄█r ▄█f the ▄█████n, ▄ ▄█n ████▲▄███ "d ▄█wm"
▄█wll ▄█d the ▄█▄██▄▄▄h ▄▄█g a d h ▄█s the ▄█▄▄█ █ ▄█▄
H m t a o n r g t i s a b o g r a s b r i t A d i v i a c c e d
▄█ s a g n n r e a c h i t a c i c h o w t a d t h e a n i e a t w i j u m t h a .
c a I n m a ▄█ e a l p e s e a r L g a b o t h
" ▄█ y a b t h t a a c i c i g h e d u n g t ß t
A d m i l e g t h e l l e a l p p e s e a r r t e r u l
a s a b r i t h a a r s e o n a b s e d A d m e s ß i l R a

ring ring (chatter on the cage).

From drowning fuschia vacance uncertain muttering resuscitates emergent Slimer, like a vine from the ground, digital clock bleating cockrow stirring.
Slow integration of mind and corpse, fragile and dubious self-embodiment becoming distinct from walls and floor.

In time, the entity called Slimer solidifies in command of their material, prospect of autonomy, perceiving full of glass shards rippling of the mirror’s splinters glimpsing enclose.
Ringback tone jingles about Slimer’s skull, shaken snow globe flurrying migraines and headaches and interferometry and psychotronic intrusions.

No dust settles, no one’s picking up, although they can’t remember ever having made the call. Sunk in sand, biding with no view.

It began some time ago when Slimer experienced the boundary crossing NDE, lapsed into fathomless transport, under a versimilis veil. Some anchor implanted in the head, submerging the slimer vessel in cracked ground overlapping tumult, beaconed. Floodgates of ivory and horn opened to voice to skull transmissions, chemical mischief, directed energy, altered states and satellite magick.

Recipient to seraphic tongues and alien tampers and profane transcended thought and burning choirs and fiendish commands and messages that dare to end the world. And always waiting for someone to pick up the call. Abjectly with listless buoyancy, an autotelic sleep march, faucet dripping of dark light into consciousness.

Liquid pools in cranial basin, surface tension eking to burst.

Witnessing a morning apparition’s cheery dirge:

my name is AUTOMATED how can i help you - IAmTheGoddessOfMyWorldAnd
You'reTheGod/dessOfYoursToo - Themilkofthemattermustbeassimilatedbefore
themeatcanbedigested - I am the God. You can never get hurt TransformFailuresAnd

see him
see him see him see him see him see him see him