what is Dark Enoury?

fate :

the last variety of imprisonment

fashioned a cruel universe

crushes the earth into its constituent parts




when light mixed with darkness,

it made the darkness shine.

when darkness mixed with light,

it dimmed the light and became neither light nor darkness,

but rather gloom.

the shore
when i was new Dark Enoury

i first fashioned the whale

a single glow in the midst of the darkness

illuminated each tinge of unreality

from the Manor to the shore

[...] in it forever

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the bird fights its way out of the egg

with Four Blazing Winds

melded together in great turbulence.

on the ground heard a voice coming from the cloud

who would be born first must destroy a world

It's all about risk, it's all about guts, and a great sense of timing.


lump of metal, fire in the central part

gravity kindledCome here. Come...here

face flashed with fire / defiled with blood.

drip! drip!

sending lone signals aimlessly

"Yes, yes, yes ... I am lost ...
I am sinking deeper"


atoms pulsing humming with energy varigated forms spinning

lone signals into unknown, what music it makes!

"deeper and deeper into the darkness ...
I am afraid ... I am afraid! …"

the dull beating of an almost exhausted heart

drip! drip!

Ooh, it's a mess alright

to die...to be really dead...that must be glorious

"I a m ...

a f r a i d ... I a m a f r a i d ! ...
n ūf a ūf an k ūf ūf an - s f ūf a - s ! l ! u f a ! F a i n e t ! !"

"[...] living [...] dwells [...] the deficiency [...] out with a great [...] strength of blood"

crushed back into earth

i've become its custodian

to reconstitute No-Longer-Discrete-Entity

and Lapidary

weave Billion-Faceted Mosaic

Enchain in Forgetfulness

and it just never ends, and


my humble apology

here i am, complaining on and on

allow me to take a more suitable form

for one such as yourself

one moment, please...




now, isn't that better?

it's most excellent to make your acquaintance

shall i make it up to you and show you inside the Manor?

enter as you wish, i'm sure you will find it quite inviting.